IPW member, Printing Industries of America Board Member and Chairman Elect of PICA, Bryan Hall, President of Graphic Visual Solutions, summed it up this way:  “We are excited about this new and unique benefit for our membership.  This will greatly increase Printing Industries of America’s offering to its smaller printer members; and we see it as a great tool for recruiting new members into our organization.”

Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce an exciting new group-buying program for companies with revenues under $5 million a year. The program will capitalize on the combined purchasing power of printers all across North America to realize discounts and rebates on major purchases including paper, ink, prepress supplies, pressroom supplies, and shipping.  A printer must be a member in good standing with Printing Industries of America to qualify for this exclusive program.

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Exclusive New Group Buying Program for Printing Industries of America members with revenues under $5 Million!

A good standing member with Printing Industries of America.

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“Since joining the IPA program, I have seen significant savings through these programs with very little effort on our part.  We are saving in excess of $6,000 dollars annually using just two programs.  The opportunity for more savings is great.  I would highly recommend IPA to any small printing business.”  Erik JohnsonGeneral Manager, Johnson Printing Rochester, MN

“By simply joining the IPA program our company has realized savings of nearly $5,000 dollars annually.  We plan to make this one of our top priorities this year to maximize the potential savings by working closer with the folks at IPA.  I highly recommend this program to any printer with sales under $5 million.” Mari Reid – President, Dakota Press

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Michael Marcian, President of Corporate Press and former Printing Industries of America Chairman, stated: “Printing Industries of America has always strived to improve the health of our great industry by building world-class printers throughout North America. This new IPA program expands our capability to reach the smaller and start-up printer.”


Independent Printers Alliance 


Under $5 Million a year revenue.

The program is offered through Independent Printers Alliance (IPA), a division of Independent Printers Worldwide, Inc. (IPW), a national procurement group specializing in superior vendor programs for independent printers.  Printing Industries of America affiliates and its board unanimously selected IPW to build a supplier/product loyalty program for Printing Industries of America members $5 million and below.  This type of supplier and product loyalty program brings win-win with increased preferred supplier business and pay back for printer’s investment in Printing Industries of America membership.  Printers over $5million revenues in good standing with Printing Industries of America will have the opportunity to qualify for elite-franchise IPW membership.